There is nothing that cannot be improved!

With this handmade stainless steel fruit picker, apples and other types of storage fruits can be harvested easily, safely and effortlessly without the use of ladders.

In contrast to conventional pickers with a collection bag, this patented picker eliminates the laborious bending down and picking out the fruit and leaf residues.

In addition, the view of the crop is always unobstructed.

Thought out, practical and safe.

Fruit is hurt less!

Fruit is always visible during the picking process!

Just twist or pull slightly and the fruit is detached from the tree!

Fruit is much easier to grasp!

Easy emptying with a slight twist!

Fruit lying on the ground can be picked up without bending down!

A real innovation in the fruit harvesting sector

This patented FRUITPICKER revolutionizes the way apples and other stored fruit are harvested.
With this innovative device, you can harvest comfortably, safely and effortlessly without having to climb ladders.

One of the outstanding features of our manually manufactured fruit picker, in contrast to conventional pickers with a collection bag, is the elimination of the laborious picking of fruit and leaf residues.

Emptying the fruit picker is very simple. With a slight twist, you can easily empty the collected fruit and quickly process your harvest.

In addition, the fruit picker enables much better handling of the fruit. The fruits are detached from the tree with a simple twist or pull, are easy to grasp and can be harvested precisely without damaging the fruit. This ensures that the harvested fruit remains of the highest quality.

Another outstanding feature of our fruit picker is the unrestricted view of the fruit during the entire picking process. This means you always have full control and can ensure that only ripe, high-quality fruit is harvested.

An additional advantage of our fruit picker is that you can pick up fruit lying on the ground without having to bend down. With this device, you can easily reach the fruit that is no longer hanging on the tree and make full use of your harvest.

All in all, our fruit picker offers a number of advantages: convenient and energy-saving harvesting, reduced fruit damage, easy emptying, unrestricted view of the fruit, improved fruit handling and picking up fruit lying on the ground without bending down.

See this innovation for yourself and make fruit picking easier with our FRUITPICKER.